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Starlight Kit Scent Diffuser

Starlight Kit Scent Diffuser

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Starlight LED Scent Diffuser Kit include 100ml Sea Water (FREE) cover up to 1000 Sq Ft.

Begin your scenting journey with the easy-to-use Starlight Scent diffuser. Visually and audibly pleasing.

This advanced atomization technology is also residue-free and safe for pets, children, and furniture.  The high-pressurized dispersion process transforms fragrances into lightweight, dry nano-mist using innovative cold-air diffusion technology. This pure essential oil mist stays suspended in the air longer and offers better scent coverage.

Control the concentration of oil and schedule the perfect time to mist. The Starlight Scent Diffuser has two ways to operate.

APP control mode: 

A mobile APP can program the working time, frequency, and switch off.

Default Working Mode: 

The default working frequency scent is 10 seconds and pausing for 120 seconds. The device will be automatically Turn-Off after working for 2 hours.

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