About Romy

 The woman behind "Deli Ambience" 

Hi, I'm Romina, a business person and mother of two teen girls. 

Like many of you, I dream about success, but most importantly, I work hard to achieve it.

Romina Aguilar Photo

I often outsource projects and ideas to qualified professionals to expand my business model, integrating more people to grow and benefit others.

"Deli Ambience" & "Deluxe Scents by Romy" are my brand creations.
When a good fragrance binds to a receptor within your nose, transmitting a signal through the olfactory system, olfaction occurs, playing a role in your taste.
Olfaction interacts with parts of the brain responsible for moods, emotions, and state of mind.

I have learned to convert (a compound) into an aromatic structure producing distinctive and unique scents.
Creating an ideal atmosphere has a combination of other sensory elements like ventilation and temperature to achieve the desired effect for your business or home.

Could you send me your ideas? (txt, email, web message)
Together we'll design your "Delicious Ambience" with scents to express your essence.

Love and serve others,

Romina Aguilar
Business Founder
Scent Designer