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DA Mini Deluxe

DA Mini Deluxe

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  • A battery-operated scent diffuser is a device designed to disperse fragrances into the air using battery power. These devices typically consist of a container for fragrance oil or essential oils, a fan or atomizer mechanism, and a power source in the form of batteries.

    The basic functionality involves the scent diffuser drawing in the fragrance oil or essential oil from its container and dispersing it into the surrounding air. The fan or atomizer is powered by batteries, allowing for portability and flexibility in placing the diffuser in various locations without the need for a constant power supply.

    Battery-operated scent diffusers are popular for their convenience and versatility. Users can place them in different rooms, on desks, or even take them on the go, making them suitable for travel or outdoor settings. Additionally, they eliminate the need for cords or electrical outlets, offering a more streamlined and clutter-free appearance.

    These devices often come with adjustable settings to control the intensity and frequency of fragrance release, allowing users to customize the aroma experience based on personal preferences.

  • Uses 100ml of scent oil NOT INCLUDED 

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