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DA Tower 1500

DA Tower 1500

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A scent tower designed to cover 1500 square feet is a sophisticated and efficient fragrance oil diffuser system that combines technology and aesthetics to create a pleasant olfactory experience within a defined space.

Here's a detailed description of such a scent tower:

Design: The scent tower stands tall and sleek, resembling a modern piece of art. It is crafted from high-quality materials, featuring a combination of brushed metal and acrylic display. The design is minimalist yet elegant, seamlessly blending into various environments, such as offices, hotels, or homes.

Technology: The heart of the DA Scent Tower lies in its advanced cold diffusion technology. Equipped with a silent and efficient ultrasonic head, the device atomizes fragrance oils into a fine mist, ensuring even distribution throughout the space. The diffuser is programmable, allowing for customizable scent intensity and timing.

Dimensions: H 25.5 inches - W 6 inches - D 6 inches 

Power: Wall Plug Adaptor input 100/240v

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